In the fitness scene, weight gainers are very popular. But are weight gainers useful? In this article you will find out if they make sense and which Shakes are the best. In addition, I’ll show you how you can prepare which ones yourself. Have fun!

What Are Weight Gainers?

Weight gainers are calorie-containing drinks or shakes that can help you to gain weight. A classic weight gainer consists mainly of carbohydrates.

In addition, such shakes also contain protein. In some cases, fats are even added to such shakes.

The special thing about it is that you can eat a lot of calories without having to eat much. And that’s a huge advantage, as many underweight people have trouble eating large quantities.

They are especially suitable for people who are thin and want to gain weight fast. If you want to drink such a shake, there are several options:

  • You make your shake yourself
  • You buy a finished powder
  • Or you combine both versions

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. In the following chapters, I’ll show you how to find the best weight gainer and what to keep in mind.

Are Weight Gainers Useful For You?

Whether it makes sense for you personally to take such shakes depends on several factors. For one, they are only useful for you if you want to gain a lot of body weight.

That’s what I’m assuming, otherwise you would not have landed on this page

But there are even more points that matter:

  • Is it difficult for you to eat a lot?
  • Do you want to gain weight fast?
  • Is it okay for you to gain some fat?

If you answer these questions with “yes”, it is advisable for you to drink these shakes. However, if you think that you can easily achieve a caloric surplus with solid foods, you can let it be.

Because nothing beats (natural) solid food.

You do not have to worry about the costs that weight gainers cause. Because weight gainers you can either buy cheap, or you put your own together, which is also cheap.

Which Weight Gainers Are Good?

At this question the opinions split. As I have already told you, there are basically two options. Either you make your weight gainer yourself, or you just buy one. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Personally, I always prefer homemade shakes. How to make a delicious, high-calorie shake, you’ll learn below. At this point, I’d like to show you what to look for when choosing a finished powder.

Purchased Weight Gainers Have The Following Advantages:

  1. Fast preparation
  2. Partially better taste
  3. Better consistency

These Are The Disadvantages Of Purchased Powders:

  1. Often full of chemistry
  2. Partly overpriced
  3. Taste often artificial
  4. Some powders contain a lot of sugar

As you can see, bought powders have some positive as well as negative sides. If you choose to buy finished powder, you have to pay attention to a few things.

For one thing, it’s important that your powder does not contain any industrial single sugars. Many manufacturers simply add sugar to the shakes.

This is neither healthy nor has it other positive effects. The only positive thing about it is that the manufacturers save a lot of money. Of course, that does not really help you.

You should also make sure that your powder does not contain much chemicals.

Many companies add their powders flavor enhancers, flavors and sweeteners. Do you want to have that in your body? Probably not 😉

In addition, you must look to see that the powder has a good source of protein. From soy protein, wheat protein, etc., I would advise you in any case. Good, high-quality protein is, for example, whey protein. As a vegetable variant, I would recommend you rice, or pea protein.

Let’s Summarize:

Pick a Weight Gainer that:

  1. Contains no simple sugar
  2. Contains little chemical additives
  3. a good source of protein

Do Weight Gainer Yourself

You now know what features to look for when you buy a finished powder. But if you decide to make your own shake, I’ll tell you how to do it.

First of all, I’ll show you once again what advantages and disadvantages self-made shakes have.

The Benefits Of Homemade Shakes

  1. You know exactly what’s inside
  2. No chemical additives
  3. Individually adjustable in taste
  4. Attractively priced

The Disadvantages Of Homemade Shakes

  1. More elaborate preparation
  2. Consistency often a bit mushy

Even self-made weight gainers have their good and bad sides. Personally, I find that the benefits outweigh. But of course you have to decide for yourself, which variant is the better one for you.

The Distribution Of Macronutrients

Once you have decided to prepare your shake yourself, you need to think carefully about how your shake should be built.

As mentioned above, your shake consists mainly of carbohydrates and proteins. I recommend you about a ratio of carbohydrates to proteins from 80 to 20.

If you want to spice up your shake with extra calories, you can also add fatty foods. If you choose this option, I recommend the following ratio: 70% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 10% fat.

But you’re probably wondering what foods you can put your weight gainer together with. And that’s exactly what I’m telling you now.

Good Carbohydrate Sources

  • oatmeal
  • spelled flakes
  • bananas
  • berries

Good Sources Of Protein

  • lowfat quark
  • protein powder
  • cream cheese
  • White beans (you do not taste it)

Good Sources Of Fat

  • nuts
  • seed
  • Vegetable oils (Z.b. thistle oil)
  • peanut butter

That’s essentially all you need to know to make your own weight gainer. In the next chapter, I’ll show you how to improve your shake in terms of taste.

So You Can Improve The Taste Of Your Shakes

If you’ve put together a calorie, well-built shake, that’s great. But the best shake will not help you if you can not get it down.

Therefore, you have to take care of course, that your weight gainer also tastes delicious.

Of course, I do not know your personal taste. But I can show you with which foods and spices I personally improve my shakes in terms of taste:

  • chocolate powder
  • vanilla sugar
  • cinnamon
  • Various types of fruit
  • maple syrup
  • honey

Depending on your taste, you can add one or more of these ingredients to your self-made Weight Gainer.

In the beginning you probably have to experiment a lot until you find a shake combination that tastes good and that you can drink well. You’ll have to be patient for a while.

How Often Should You Drink Such Shakes?

Of course I can not answer this question flat-rate. Again, it depends on how much and how fast you want to gain weight. I recommend that you do not overdo it.

Basically, you have two options. Either you drink one big shake at a time (for example, for breakfast), or you drink your weight gainer throughout the day.

Of course, it depends on how much you get down. Because from my own experience, I can tell you that it is not exactly tingling, if you overdo it. You will then become bad.

And that is not exactly pleasant. In addition, you then lose the desire to drink more shakes to increase.

It is also very important that you drink your shake slowly. Take your time for that. If you drink it in the morning, you can just get up earlier. Because if you chop down your shake, that can go wrong as well

Solid Food Must Always Be Your Base

Weight gainers are really helpful if you want to gain weight. But one thing must always be clear to you: solid food must always be your basis!

Even if you find it difficult and you are not hungry, you have to eat. You should not just cover your calories with shakes. In the following article you will find food to grow.

Your body needs solid food. Because it is provided by nature so that you take solid food, which is then digested.

So you just have to see your high-calorie shakes as an “adjunct”. Purchased Weihgt Gainer powders are not in vain classified as “dietary supplements”. Here you will learn how to make your own nutrition plan to grow.

The Prerequisite Without Which Weight Gainers Are Useless

This short chapter is really important to me. Because many young people who really want to gain weight understand shakes to gain completely wrong.

They think that if they drink a protein shake or a weight gainer, they immediately gain weight and build muscle.

This is of course complete nonsense. There is only one way to gain weight: you need a calorie surplus!

How to achieve a calorie surplus is easily explained. You have to eat more calories than you burn. You have to eat lots of calorie dense (but healthy) foods.

And only now does the weight gainer come into play. It’s just the creamy little shell of your diet. It gives your body an extra boost of calories.

This boost will often bring you the extra calories you can use to gain your surplus.

In short, if you barely eat anything, you certainly can not think of making a big break with a shake. Only when you get a solid base with your diet will shakes come on top as a bonus.

And if that’s the case, they’ll effectively help you on the way up.

Advantages and Benefits Of Weight Gainers

Once again summarized all advantages:

  • Weight gainers can help you effectively in growing
  • They are calorie, and nutrient rich
  • They are easy to get down to because they are liquid
  • Weight gainers are cheap

Here are some disadvantages

  • If you drink too much, you can be sick
  • Weight gainers can be partially laxative

Weight Gainer – The Conclusion

High-calorie shakes are a wonderful help for those who want to gain weight. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind to create high-quality, delicious shakes:

  1. First, think about whether you want a finished powder or a homemade shake
  2. Make sure that your weight gainer contains little additives
  3. Your weight gainer should contain high quality protein
  4. Your basis must be healthy, solid food
  5. Always drink your shakes slowly, do not exaggerate

I hope you are ready to put together your perfect weight gainer. If you do everything right, it will help you enormously in growing.

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