Being underweight is not easy. Because most people are struggling with obesity, underweight people are often laughed at. In this post you will learn the causes of your underweight. In addition, I’ll show you what you can do about it. Have fun!

What is underweight?

It can not always be defined exactly when a person is underweight. Generally, however, is calculated with the so-called Body Mass Index (BMI), whether you are underweight or not.

Therefore, assuming this calculation, one speaks of a BMI of 18.5 and below of underweight.

The BMI is calculated as follows: Body weight (kg) divided by height (m²)

For example, if you weigh 60 kg and are 1.86 m tall, the bill looks like this: 60: 1.86 x 1.86 = 17.3

In this example calculation, we get a BMI of 17.3. So, according to the Body Mass Index, that would definitely be underweight. The body mass index is only a rough guideline.

At first, it sounds pretty dramatic to be “underweight”. But no fear. It may well be that genetically you are simply the lean type.

Mostly, it’s because you’re eating too few calories. We will come to other possible causes later.

Underweight in the Western world – is there any?

As you may already know, underweight people tend to be a rarity in our well-fed western world.

With us there is much more the problem of overweight. According to the German Nutrition Society, 59% of men and 37% of women are overweight in Germany alone.

Even though there are not many, there are underweight people here as well, of course. In Germany about 4-5% of the population is underweight.

Since there are very few people compared to the group of overweight people, the topic of underweight unfortunately receives very little attention.

Of course you can not compare most underweight people in Germany and Europe with underweight people in the third world. There it looks much more dramatic.

Most thin people in this country are healthy and have only a slight underweight. Nevertheless, it is very stressful and limits the quality of life.

Are you underweight?

This question is not so easy to answer. Of course you can use the BMI here as a guideline.

If you calculate the BMI and find out that you have a strong underweight, there will probably be something to it. Then you should act and grow healthy.

However, if it comes out that you are slightly underweight, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are some of your family members rather thin?
  • Do you have healthy eating habits and eat with appetite?
  • Are you satisfied with your reflection?
  • Do you generally feel healthy and fit?

If you can answer these questions more or less with yes, everything is okay.

You’re probably just the lean guy by nature, the so-called ectomorph. If you have a medical check-up and everything is fine, you have nothing to fear.

However, if you still want to gain weight, that of course has a number of advantages. The exact benefits you will get and how you can gain weight, you will find out below.

Everyday problems of underweight people

If you are underweight, you have some disadvantages in everyday life. However, most people can not understand that at all. They say things like, “You’re fine, you can eat anything and you do not get fat.” And that sucks. A lot.

Because people who are underweight, so have some problems with which they have to fight in everyday life. Here some examples:

Dissatisfaction with the appearance

When you are underweight, you usually look very thin. Although most people want to lose weight, but if you are too thin, unfortunately, it does not look very aesthetically.

Women then have the problem that they do not have nice curves. It looks good when women have a “female body”. And that’s definitely a problem for underweight women.

It looks similar in men. A fit, muscular, masculine body not only looks good, but also appeals to women. Of course, if a man is underweight, it will be hard to look muscular.

That’s why most underweight men finally want more muscle.

Injurious comments from others

Of course, as an underweight, you also have to listen to many stupid sayings from other people. This is mainly because people can not understand the problems of underweight people.

You just can not imagine that you can not gain weight.

Stupid sayings are then preprogrammed. Here are a few examples of the most annoying sayings:

  • “Have a nice sandwich”
  • “Take care that the wind does not blow you away”
  • “My God, are you thin?”
  • “Did not your parents give you anything to eat?”

These sayings are not only extremely annoying, they can also hurt you properly.

Lack of energy in everyday life

The underweight is also associated with the fact that you are simply less resilient. You are stressed much faster, have less physical energy. Mentally you are much more vulnerable.

This makes everyday life much more difficult. Especially in the job and in private life, it can be even harder to fulfill his duties.

But when it comes to the employer and the people in everyday life, one often encounters incomprehension. Therefore, as an underweight it is enormously important to cleverly divide up the available energy.

Finding suitable clothes is difficult

Logically, it is not easy to find well-fitting clothes if you are too thin. The fashion industry focuses on the big mass, the average.

Therefore, it can be quite annoying to go shopping and then find nothing that fits well.

For all these problems, there is only one solution: increase! In the course of this post, I’ll show you how to get it done quickly and effectively.

Underweight – a disadvantage for the health

In addition to all the everyday problems, there are also some more serious problems to fight with. If you are underweight, you have the following health problems:

  • Higher susceptibility to diseases
  • Weaker immune system
  • Greater susceptibility to stress
  • Broken nails and hair
  • The increased chance of getting osteoporosis

In addition to these disadvantages, there are a few more points, but that would go beyond the scope.

This happens, when you have normal weight again

The dream of most people who are underweight is finally gaining weight and having normal weight. For good reason.

Because your life really changes completely when you have successfully gained weight. The following circumstances will change completely.

You become much more attractive

If you have successfully gained weight, your appearance will improve significantly. If you are a woman, you will definitely have more curves and finally feel more feminine.

Of course, if you’re a man, you’ll have a lot more muscle. Of course, this only works if you also do sports while you are growing up.

If you just sit on the couch, you’re just putting on fat. With Sport you can build muscle against it. More on that later.

Your self-confidence increases

When you finally reach your dream weight, there is also a lot going on psychologically. As you have reached your goal and feel comfortable in your body again, your self-esteem will shoot up.

Of course, this will improve things again. You get better with your fellow man, have a more positive radiation and better chances of choosing a partner.

More energy in everyday life

While you are suffering from an energy deficiency as an underweight, you should now have significantly more energy in everyday life. Now you have:

  • significantly more energy
  • a stronger immune system
  • a lesser chance of getting sick
  • a better stress resistance

You will finally find suitable clothes again

This is probably one of the best feelings if you have successfully gained weight. You can finally buy clothes without feeling stupid. You suddenly find many more suitable clothes.

I recommend you to buy new clothes until you have reached your desired weight. Because then you will notice a big difference. And that feels really good.

The causes of underweight

What is the cause of your underweight, you can not say blanket. There are a number of possible causes.

In the following I list you most common causes. You can then work through the complete list to find the cause that applies to you personally.

Disease induced underweight

It is quite likely that you are healthy and your underweight has other causes. However, the first thing you have to do is check through completely to rule out possible illnesses. I know that is unpleasant, but after that you have certainty.

The following diseases could be the cause of your underweight:

  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Inadequate nutrient uptake by the intestine
  • Metabolic Diseases
  • enzyme disorders
  • Crohn’s disease

Furthermore, psychological problems such as depression can be a problem that lead to loss of appetite and thus to underweight. But do not panic.

Your underweight most likely has other causes. Nevertheless, let yourself be thoroughly checked by your family doctor.


Malnutrition, on the other hand, is the cause of underweight in most underweight people. To gain weight successfully, you need a balanced, high-calorie diet.

Most people who are underweight simply lose too little calories. How to eat a high-calorie, well-balanced diet is explained throughout the article.

Stress and life crises

Another common cause of underweight is negative stress. Excessive stress and stress often lead to loss of appetite and fatigue in sensitive people. Here’s how to whet your appetite.

In addition, many calories are burned in stress situations, which promotes weight loss. Therefore, it is very important as an underweight to reduce the stress.

Lovesickness, the loss of a loved one or other strokes of fate are also factors that are appetite-suppressing and thus facilitate the loss of weight.

A wrong diet as well as stress and life crises are mostly the causes of underweight. In the next chapter, I’ll show you how to fight your underweight and finally gain weight.

Fight underweight – the best strategy

I already told you a lot about underweight. But now comes the decisive Because I know, of course, what you want: Finally increase. So let’s get straight to the point.

Find out the cause of your underweight

I’ve told you above what causes your underweight. What you have to do now is to work through this list. In practice this looks like this:

  • Let your doctor check you through completely
  • Watch your eating habits
  • Ask yourself if you are currently in a life crisis
  • Do you have too stressful everyday life?
  • Do your relatives have a similar stature?

Often, several factors are responsible for being underweight. There is no clear black and white border. It may also be that you are a slim type by nature.

Reduce your stress

When you reduce your stress, you not only gain weight, but generally do your health a favor. Stress is poison. Both for your psyche as well as for your body. To reduce stress, you should:

  • Take time for yourself every day
  • Do things that you enjoy doing
  • Eating together with people you love
  • Generally down a gear if possible

Achieve a calorie surplus

The calorie surplus is the foundation of your weight gain. If you eat too little calories about your food, you definitely can not gain weight.

You have to consume more and more energy than you burn. How to achieve a calorie surplus, you will learn here.

Cover your nutrients

Your body needs many different nutrients to sustain all vital functions. Even when growing, it is very important to cover all macronutrients and micronutrients.

Which foods are perfect for growing, you will find out here. Here’s how to make your own nutrition plan to grow.


I hope you liked the article so far and you could bring something for you Finally, a rough summary:

  • Underweight can have different causes
  • To increase, you need to find out the cause of your underweight
  • Achieve a calorie surplus
  • Reduce your everyday stress
  • Eat balanced and high in calories
  • Create positive living conditions to have more appetite

Underweight can be really annoying. But with enough discipline and a structured plan, you too can get rid of your underweight and finally gain weight. It’s not easy, but in the end it’s worth it.

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