Too thin – what can you do?

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Many people feel too thin. This can be very annoying and negatively affect the quality of life. If you really weigh too little, you will find out in this article. In addition, I’ll show you what you can do about it.

Are you really too thin?

Of course, I can not answer that question through the screen. But there are some clues to help you figure it out.

The Body Mass Index:

The Body Mass Index is a measure of body weight assessment. Use this formula to calculate if you are underweight or normal weight.

Here you will find a calculator.

However, you must be clear that the BMI is only a rough guide. If you’re a little underweight, that’s not bad at all.

Your environment:

Another sign that you could be too thin is a fellow human being. If you often hear phrases like “You’re too thin,” “Eat something,” or something similar, others may also consider you underweight.

However, I do not mean any sayings that come from people who do not like you. If you are unsure, ask your family and your closest friends.

They will surely give you an honest answer.

Your own feeling:

The most important of all factors is of course your own feeling. Because no matter what BMI and fellow human beings say: what counts is your opinion.

You have to know for yourself if you feel comfortable in your body. Since you landed on this page, I assume that you want to gain weight.

And if you want that, you’re in the right place here. The following tips will make your thin self a thing of the past.

Take more calories to you

The most important thing, if you want to pack a few kilos, is your calorie requirement. If you do not consume enough calories, you can not gain weight.

That’s why you have to make a daily surplus of calories. You can calculate your calorie requirement with a calorie calculator.

But how many calories do you have to take? These and many more questions I answer you in the article calorie surplus.

Drink shakes or smoothies

It is not always easy to consume enough calories. Often we do not have enough time to cook a big meal.

I’m putting a lot of free recipes on this site that are quick and easy to prepare.

But there is also the possibility to eat your calories in liquid form. You can prepare so-called weight gainers. Weight gainers contain a lot of calories, carbohydrates and protein.

If you do not fancy weight gainers, there is also a refreshing alternative: Smoothies to grow.

Too thin? Reduce endurance sports

Endurance sports are very healthy. Whether football, basketball, martial arts or pure jogging: endurance sports improves your condition, strengthens your cardiovascular system & has other advantages.

However, if you are too skinny, endurance sports have a big disadvantage for you. You burn a lot of calories, but at the same time does not stimulate muscle growth.

In the long term, this leads to weight loss rather than building. Of course that does not mean that you should not do any endurance sports at all.

I recommend you to practice endurance sports 1-2 times a week.

Start with weight training

What is much more recommendable than endurance sports is weight training. Here you achieve the opposite effect.

Although you also burn many calories during strength training, it does provide a stimulus for the growth of your muscles. And that’s exactly what you need when you’re too thin.

You get small hairline cracks in your muscles through regular, disciplined strength training. During the recovery phase, your body “repairs” your muscle fibers. This makes them thicker and stronger.

As a result, you build muscle and gain weight. Even as a woman you can do weight training, this will make your body curvy.

If you want to know more about the topic, look here: Muscle Building.


To be thin is not a pleasant thing. If you think that you weigh too little and are too thin, that is not a bad mood.

Because there is definitely a way for you to gain weight successfully. If you

eat enough calories,
reduce your endurance sports and
Exercise strength sports,

Are you on the right track? I have created a free weight gain training for you. You can download the ebook immediately for free:

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