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Many people wonder if supplements for weight gaining are helpful. You can find out whether this is the case and which products are suitable in this article. Have fun while reading.

What Are Supplements For Weight Gaining?

As the name suggests, dietary supplements or supplements are there to supplement your food.

So while your food is your basis, food supplements are only there to compensate for any deficits.

There are supplements

  • in powder form
  • in tablet form
  • or also liquid as a shake or gel

Dietary supplements are often used by athletes to provide additional protein. They are also used to provide additional micro nutrients.

They are a big topic, especially for vegans, because vitamin B12 in particular cannot be obtained through a plant-based diet.

Dietary supplements To Gain Weight – Does That Make Sense?

Of course there are also some products that are specially designed for gaining weight. While there are reasonable products, some of them are absolute junk.

Above all, it depends on the quality and the ingredients of the products. Let’s take a look at which products are suitable.

Weight Gainer

The so-called weight gainer is probably the best-known product when it comes to gaining weight. “Weight Gainer” means something like “weight gainer”.

What is meant by this should be clear. Although the concept of a weight gainer is basically not wrong, there are a few things to consider. Because most weight gainers are just cheap sugar bombs.

Such a gainer consists of approximately two thirds of carbohydrates and one third of protein. Your product should not contain the following ingredients:

  • Cheap sugar like dextrose & glucose
  • flavor enhancer
  • Added vitame & minerals
  • Cheap protein such as wheat and soy protein

Instead, the product of your choice should consist of as few ingredients as possible. Maltodextrin or oatmeal is used as the carbohydrate source, although you should prefer oatmeal.

Whey protein or vegan protein should be included as a protein source, e.g. Rice, and pea protein.

Oatmeal / Instant Oats

Oatmeal is great for building weight. While the finely ground oatmeal is also used as a carbohydrate source in weight gainers, oatmeal can also be bought individually.

This has the simple advantage that you can dose it yourself if you create your own shake. Instant oats or oatmeal are very cheap and often contain no additives at all because they are sold tasteless.

In addition, oatmeal contains a certain amount of protein as well as vitamins and minerals.


Maltodextrin is also a source of carbohydrates that athletes like to use. Unlike oatmeal, maltodextrin is a pure carbohydrate powder that contains no vitamins or minerals.

If you use maltodextrin, you should use it sparingly.

Protein Powder

Protein powder is similar to oatmeal. While instant oats are a good source of carbohydrates, protein powder is a good source of protein.

Especially if you prepare your shake yourself, you have the advantage with protein powder that you can dose yourself. Of course, it is also important here that you pay attention to quality & ingredients.


Supplementing creatine only makes sense if you are serious about doing weight training. Creatine doesn’t help you gain weight directly. There is rather an indirect advantage.

Because creatine enables your muscles to call up more power for a short time. This strength advantage brings you forward during fitness training and thus favors your muscle building.

Energy Bars

Energy bars are also a great help in gaining weight. They provide you with lots of calories, carbohydrates, protein and fats.

However, there are also a lot of products with energy bars that are full of chemicals and additives. Therefore, the following also applies here: Try to find a product that is as natural as possible.

It is also important to find energy bars that contain little sugar.

Healthy Alternatives For Food Supplements

There are many weight-gain supplements that are helpful. However, many products are overpriced or full of additives.

As an alternative, there are of course homemade shakes or bars. As a carbohydrate source, you can make instant oats yourself, for example. To do this, you simply take tender oatmeal and chop it until you get a fine powder.

You can use the well-known low-fat curd as a source of protein. In addition, you have plenty of fruits, dried fruits and nuts to prepare your own shakes for weight gain.

Just be creative and check out all the recipes on this blog. You will surely find some inspiration for your own shakes.

Real Food is Your Foundation

Regardless of whether you buy a dietary supplement for weight gain or prepare it yourself: you must never forget that the basis is your solid food.

We humans are made to eat solid foods and then process them. Your focus must therefore always be on your diet.

So think carefully about when you want to eat which meals and how many calories they have. Because only with an excess of calories and a nutritious diet can you build a solid foundation.

Dietary supplements or shakes are just the cream on the cake, so to speak, which accelerate and support your weight gain.

Dietary Supplements For Weight Gaining – The Conclusion

No question – dietary supplements can help you gain weight. It is only important that your basis is solid foods that have a high calorie density.

With that under control, you can look for supplements that will give you the last few percentage points.

Always make sure that the products are as natural as possible and of high quality.

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