Many underweight people have the problem of being skinny fat. Since many do not understand what they can really do about it, they make one mistake after another. How to avoid these mistakes and what you can do instead is explained in this article

What is skinny fat?

Many people have the problem of being thin and “fat” at the same time. How can that be?

Well, one thing I have to clarify directly. If you are Skinny Fat, you are definitely not too fat, but rather too thin.

When you are dressed, you look slim. But if you present yourself in underwear, you still look a bit fatty. But why is it like that?

The simple reason is that you have too little muscle.

So it happens that a woman who is 160cm tall and weighs 60kg or a man who is 185cm tall and weighs 75kg can look a bit fatty. Although they have a good weight according to BMI, the body shape is not optimal.

This look is only due to insufficient muscle mass. Due to the low muscle mass, the body fat is too high in percentage, although the total weight is okay.

Too much stamina is wrong

But most people who have this “skinny fat problem” make a fundamental mistake.

They think they have to lose body fat by force. That’s why they do a lot of endurance sports and go jogging, cycling or something similar.

At first, this thought feels right. Because endurance sports actually burn fat.

But what usually comes out is the exact opposite. By the many movement you lose weight, lose fat, but also valuable muscle mass.

What comes out in the end is that you weigh less, but you’re still skinny fat.

But what is the solution instead?

Skinny Fat: Strength training is the appropriate solution

Doing endurance sports 1-2 times a week is fine. Endurance sport alone is an advantage for the cardiovascular system alone.

But if you finally want to have a better look, you should do intensive strength training.

Because of the strength training, you build muscle mass. If you build muscle mass over a longer period of time, you have a distinct advantage:

  • Your body fat percentage is reduced
  • The new muscle mass ensures a well-formed body
  • You’re going to take it easy, but you look slimmer

Why this is so is simply explained. Let’s say you have a body fat percentage of 18% and are 70kg. That means you have 12.5kg of fat.

If you do not lose fat now, but build 10kg of muscle, the following will happen: You still have 12.5kg of fat. But since you’ve gained 5kg of muscle mass, you have a body fat percentage of about 15.6%.

You look so much less flabby and have a lower body fat percentage.

That’s how you escape the Skinny Fat trap. Instead of endless cardio training I recommend you to rely on strength training and a protein-rich diet.

An Important Factor: The Diet

Just as important as weight training is your diet. Because the diet contributes significantly to the fact that you can build muscle and form a nicer body.

So how should you feed yourself? Basically: Keep your fingers off

  • unhealthy fast food
  • White flour
  • Products with a lot of industrial sugar
  • Finished products with a lot of salt and additives

Instead, your diet should be

  • be as natural as possible
  • Rich in nutrients
  • contain a lot of protein

If you are doing intense strength training and want to build muscle, you should achieve a slight calorie surplus. The emphasis is on easy. Because if you exaggerate with the calories, you also put on fat.

And that’s not what you want after all.


Many fitness trainers give people with the skinny fat problem the fatal tip to lose fat first. But that will backfire in most cases.

So instead, you should build muscle mass properly to lower your body fat percentage down.

Of course, this also applies to women. Because just like men, women benefit from strength training, and build a curvier body.

If you eat healthy and rich in protein, you will gradually escape the Skinny Fat trap.

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