There is now tons of content on this page when it comes to gaining weight. Today, however, I would like to deal specifically with what the most common weight gain mistakes are. And of course how you can best avoid them. Have fun while reading.

You Are Consuming Too Few Calories

Probably the most common mistake at all. 90% of the underweight are simply underweight because they do not consume enough calories.

The absolute basis for weight gain is to achieve a daily excess of calories. If you do not reach this excess, nothing will happen to the scale and your body.

The main problem is that most people don’t even know their calorie needs. You can easily find that out with a calorie calculator.

If you know how many calories you need, you’re one step ahead. Of course, consuming enough calories is not always easy.

I keep getting messages like “I eat so much, but don’t gain weight”; “I just can’t eat more than I do now”.

So the main problem is how to do it all. And I can understand that very well. Because if you are not hungry, it is very difficult for you to eat a lot.

Here, of course, it helps to stimulate your appetite. You should also eat calorie-dense foods. As a result, you consume many calories without having to eat extremely large portions.

In addition, I recommend that you make a shake to gain weight every day.

Irregular Eating

Eating regularly is very important to get your daily calories. You could theoretically take your required calories with one or two meals, but that’s total nonsense.

Because most underweight people have problems eating large amounts. That’s why I clearly recommend eating 4-5 times a day.

Of course it is clear to me that this is not easy. Everyone has their daily commitments. No matter whether at school, university, work or sport: the time to eat is usually very limited.

However, if you organize yourself well, 4-5 meals a day are still possible. For example, you can:

  • Pre-cook your food
  • Take home-made shakes with you
  • Take snacks like bananas or nuts with you

or of course go out for a meal or two if you can afford it.

No matter how you do it. It is important that you incorporate a regular nutritional rhythm into your day.

You Don’t Do Sports

Another big mistake is not doing sports. Unfortunately, many people still believe that sport only helps you lose weight. This is of course complete nonsense

Weight training in particular can help you tremendously if you want to gain weight. You build muscles through weight training. If your diet is still right now, you will gain weight effectively.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female. Men and women benefit from the training.

You can either exercise in the gym or at home. It is important that you

  • do the exercises correctly
  • pay attention to your regeneration and
  • eat enough protein

Giving Up Too Quickly

Who does not know it: You are motivated to change your life, make grandiose plans. And when it comes to implementation, it ends after a few days or weeks.

Why? Because no results came, because it was too tiring, and so on and so on.

It’s the same with weight gain. Most fail simply because they give up too quickly. And of course that is exactly what needs to be prevented.

I personally think that’s the hardest part. If you feel the same way and are about to give up, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do you suffer from being underweight?
  • Do you feel watched when you are in the outdoor pool?
  • How nice would it be to find clothes that fit well?
  • How will it feel when you have finally gained weight and are satisfied with your body?

If you go through the whole thing again and again, one thing becomes clear to you: you have to do it. Because it will damn better improve your quality of life.

Always keep these points in mind and you will regain the strength to continue.

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