Maltodextrin for weight gaining – Does it help?

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Many magazines and forums say that maltodextrin helps to gain weight. In addition, maltodextrin is often used in weight gainers. But how good is the white powder really? Is it healthy at all? And are there better alternatives? I answer all these questions in this post.

What is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a water-soluble carbohydrate mixture. It is mostly made from corn starch and is odorless – and tasteless. Maltodextrin can be used for many different purposes. For example, it is used as:

  • Energy supplier for underweight
  • Filler for various foods
  • Stretch, and binders in food

The dietary supplement derived from starch is almost tasteless. However, it is absorbed into the bloodstream just as fast as industrial simple sugars.

Maltodextrin for weight gaining – the benefits

Maltodextrin is often used for underweight people – rightly so. Because it is easy to digest, high calorie and tasteless. So you can use Malto in many ways if you want to tease out a few extra calories.

You can maltodextrin

  • add to your weight gainer to get even more calories
  • add to your sauces, also for more calories

Since maltodextrin has no taste, you can easily use it as a calorie supplier without affecting the taste of your food.

Maltodextrin to increase – the disadvantages

As you can see, maltodextrin really has some advantages when it comes to gaining weight. However, there are unfortunately disadvantages that should be considered.

Because it is

  • a heavily processed dietary supplement
  • basically nothing but sugar
  • a food that causes your blood sugar to rise quickly

And since maltodextrin is basically nothing but sugar, I can not really recommend it to you. Because it is one of my deepest beliefs that you should eat mainly unprocessed foods.

Are there alternatives?

Yes, definitely! When it comes to adding calories to your shake, you can use tender oatmeal. Oatmeal is just as high in calories.

However, they are absorbed more slowly in the blood and have a lower glycemic index. In addition, oatmeal still contains many important minerals, high-quality protein and fiber.

But it is important that you use tender oatmeal. They dissolve much better in your shake and are therefore more digestible. If you want finely ground oatmeal, you can buy them as well.

Maltodextrin for gaining weight – The Conclusion

Maltodextrin certainly has some advantages. Its properties make it easy to absorb extra calories. However, delicate oatmeal or oatmeal are the better alternative if you consider the above points.

What you decide on is in your hands. If you decide for maltodextrin, I would like to recommend the following to you:

Use maltodextrin only in a transient way and rely on natural foods as soon as possible
Use very little of it. 0.5 gr per kg of body weight should not be exceeded during the day.

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