Leptosome is a term that comes up again and again today. Even if it is considered as scientifically obsolete and does not play a big role, we take it today under the microscope. Where the term comes from, whether you belong to the leptosome and what you can do, you will learn in this article.

What is a leptosome?

The term leptosome goes back to the psychiatrist Ernst Kretschmer. With his typology he has divided people into different types of constitution. Below are:

  • Pyknic: Medium sized, fat deposit, short neck and wide face
  • Athletic: Strong, broad shoulders
  • Leptosome: variants with smaller physique

And of course, the leptosome that this article is about. This body type is described as follows:

  • thin,
  • flat-chested
  • thin arms and legs
  • tender

The leptosome is generally described as slender, lanky and pale. Kretschmer has even attributed his character to this type of body. In the description he is described as very sensitive, complicated and erratic.

However, this type classification is considered obsolete today. Since there are many intermediate and mixed types between the different body types, the classification is obsolete.

This classification is similar to the classification of body types of William Sheldon, who classified in

  1. endomorph
  2. mesomorphic and
  3. ectomorphic

Are you a leptosome?

Although the classification, as I said, is now considered obsolete, I have the following opinion:

Although it is not always possible to divide everyone into one of these three categories, in practice this classification is very common.

Although there are many hybrids, there seem to be certain body types. While most of my friends are struggling not to increase anymore, it looks completely different to me.

I have to train a lot of food and discipline to build or maintain muscle.

Others do virtually no or no sport, eat poorly and still have a muscular, athletic body.

The classification makes sense for me personally, even if it is not scientifically “correct”.

I assume that you are similar to me: You are naturally slim and would like to increase. Otherwise you would not have landed on this page.

So in the next section I’ll show you what you can do to put more weight on it.

You can still grow that way

Even though you can not achieve what the athletic type can achieve because of your body type, you can still look completely different.

But you definitely have to bring one thing: discipline!

But once you have achieved success, it will be much easier for you to stay disciplined. To build successfully, you need the following:

  1. Calorie Excess: Add more calories to you than you burn
  2. Strength Training: Do strength training to build muscle
  3. Endurance training: Run only 1-2 times endurance sports a week
  4. Nutrient Distribution: Cover your macro, and micronutrients
  5. Regeneration: Allow yourself enough sleep and breaks

If you observe these 5 points, you will be able to successfully increase your body weight. The necessary knowledge can be found here on my blog as well as in my products.


Even though it is no longer the most up-to-date state of science, it exists: the leptosome body types.

If you think your are an leptosome and are dissatisfied with it, that is no reason to despair. Because with the right approach, you too can build a beautiful, athletic body.

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