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how to get hungry

The biggest problem of many underweight is the lack of hunger. In this article you will learn how to stimulate your appetite and finally eat more. Getting a little more hungry is easier than expected. Here we go.

Lack of appetite can have different causes

First of all: Do not worry, you are not alone with your loss of appetite Many people, especially people with underweight, often simply do not feel like eating.

While this is a dream for the overweight, a lack of hunger for thin people is really bad.

After all, we do not want to lose weight, we want to increase rapidly. And to increase, we urgently need a calorie surplus.

Of course, to reach this one must eat as much as possible. But if we are not hungry, it is quite tedious.

For this reason, it is important to find out the cause of your loss of appetite. In the following chapters we investigate this cause. In addition, you will learn the best tips on how you can stimulate your appetite.

Reduce your stress for more appetite

A common cause of lack of appetite is too much stress. As you know, there are different types of stress

On the one hand there is positive stress, on the other hand there is negative stress. Positive stress (for example during sports) is healthy and of course does not pose a problem.

Negative stress, however, is very bad for your health. And unfortunately, stress has a negative effect on your hunger. Of course, being underweight is doubly stupid.

Only one thing helps here: Reduce your negative stress to a minimum. I know, that’s not always easy. Working life, personal life and everything that comes with it can sometimes be stressful.

But you can counteract it quite well if you consciously take time for yourself. Whether it is a walk, a bath or anything else: the main thing is that you enjoy it and you come down from everyday stress.

If you keep a window open every day that you can relax in, your stress level will drop. Thus, the chance increases that your appetite is better stimulated.

Try to eat faster

As you may have heard many times, people who want to lose weight should try to eat more slowly. That has a very simple reason.

Your body takes a while to realize that it has enough food. So when people want to lose weight, they have to eat slowly so the body has time to say “stop.”

Since you want to increase, of course, you have to do exactly the opposite. If you try to eat faster, your body will tell you a little bit about the feeling of satiety that it has enough.

As a result, you can eat more because your hunger feels longer.

Of course you must not exaggerate, because that would be pretty unhealthy. Just try increasing your pace while eating and you’ll get great results.

Eat less fiber

Fiber is very healthy. They help your body maintain your digestive system.

They transport residues to the outside and can lower the cholesterol level. However, you should eat slightly less fiber in your increase phase.

Because they have the disadvantage that they are very filling. Again, for people who want to lose weight, this is an advantage. Not for you. Because you want to increase.

So eat mainly foods to grow. But still try to incorporate some fiber into your diet. You absolutely should not do without it. Because your health is of course the most important thing.

Try to have a good breakfast

Many people are not hungry in the morning. If you’re one of them, I’ll give you the tip to eat a lot in the morning.

This has the advantage of stretching your stomach. After a few hours you will be hungry again. If you do not get anything solid in the morning, drink shakes instead.

Take small meals and snacks to you

If you find it difficult to eat large quantities at once, you can also eat smaller meals. This simply has the advantage that you do not have to eat so much at once.

Also, after a small meal, you will not have the fullness of feeling that you get after a big meal.

Logically, you have to eat more often. Because at the end of the day you have to come to your calorie surplus.

In addition to your main meals, you can eat small snacks. Here, nuts, dried fruits and high-calorie smoothies are recommended.

Eat what you like

Here’s another very effective tip that will whet your appetite. Eat what you like! As simple as it sounds, so it is. Of course, dishes that you like most can be much easier to eat.

Take your time and cook what you really like. It will be worth it. So that you get more variety, you can also try new recipes. Here you will find recipes to grow.

Get thoroughly examined by the doctor

If you do not have an appetite, it usually has no dramatic causes. Nevertheless, it is possible that the cause is a little more complicated. For this reason, I recommend you to check through the doctor completely, if all tips for appetite were unsuccessful.

Your loss of appetite can have physical as well as psychological causes. To rule this out, a visit to your family doctor can not hurt.

Avoid situations that spoil your appetite

There are people who are generally very insensitive. But there are also people who are very sensitive and sensitive.

If you are one of the more sensitive people, you have to pay attention to a few things. If you want to whet your appetite, avoid it

  • Constantly under pressure
  • To argue with other people
  • to have negative thoughts
  • To watch horror movies

Instead, you should try

  • to create a positive environment for you
  • to lead harmonious relationships
  • To do things that you enjoy

So you increase your mood, your well-being and will thus automatically stimulate your appetite.

Stimulate appetite: eat in company!

Another really good tip is that you should eat in company. It has been proven by studies that people simply prefer to eat in company.

Sure, it will not always be possible to eat together with others. But try to eat with your partner, family or friends from time to time. This is just fun and will additionally stimulate your appetite.

Exercise to stimulate your appetite

This point is really very important. If you only sit on the couch in your free time, it has several negative consequences. On the one hand you lose muscle, on the other hand your condition gets worse.

Apart from that, such behavior also has a negative effect on your psyche. That’s why it’s very important that you do sports. It does not necessarily have to be every day.

If you do sports three times a week, that’s pretty good. When you become active in sports, it not only stimulates your hunger but also brings other positive things with you:

  • Sport improves your immune system
  • Sport promotes muscle growth and thus your weight gain
  • Sport improves your mental well-being
  • Sport improves your whole health

As you can see, sport has a lot of advantages. Above all, it will stimulate your appetite.

Eat in a pleasant atmosphere

Another great way to increase your appetite is to create a pleasant atmosphere with your meals. Sometimes everyday life is very stressful and you do not really get into the mood to eat.

In the evening you can Light candles, turn on music or something else that puts you in a good mood. So you ensure a pleasant atmosphere.

If you do not have enough time in the morning to have breakfast, because you have to go to school or to work, just get up 20 minutes earlier.

So you escape the stress and get more time for yourself and your breakfast. So you will also better stimulate your appetite.

Use large plates for your food

Okay, with the following tip you might have to smile a bit first But in fact he’s proven to be helpful. Do you know the sight of a huge portion of food when you are not hungry?

You feel overwhelmed from the beginning and do not believe in the portion to create.

Just always try to take a plate that is actually too big for the serving. So your meal just looks a lot smaller and you have a lot less pressure to eat psychologically.

Keep a food diary

Keeping a food diary gives you the following benefits:

  • You know how much you have eaten
  • You realize how much you have to eat to get a calorie surplus
  • You are motivated to reach your daily goal

These advantages should not be underestimated. Of course, if you want to gain weight, you always have to know how many calories you have consumed, that you can protect your calorie surplus.

While this will not stimulate your appetite, it will increase your motivation to eat more.

Refine your food and make it beautiful

Last but not least, I have one more tip for you to look at as a final touch: Try to always spice up your food. If you’re not good at it, use cookbooks or let someone show you how to make delicious dishes.

Besides, it really matters if you make your meal nice or just throw it on the plate somehow. The tastier and appetizing your food looks, the more you feel like eating it.


I hope you have some valuable tips to whet your appetite. Finally I summarize everything briefly and crisply:

  1. Reduce negative stress in everyday life
  2. Try to eat a little faster (not too fast!)
  3. Reduce your fiber consumption slightly (not completely)
  4. Eat large portions in the morning
  5. Divide your meals into several small portions
  6. Eat what you like
  7. Get a thorough check-up from the doctor
  8. Avoid circumstances that reduce your appetite
  9. Eat in company
  10. Exercise to stimulate your appetite
  11. Make the meal a pleasant atmosphere
  12. Use large plates for your food
  13. Keep a food diary
  14. Season and decorate your food

Good hunger wishes you your Coach Dennis

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