Many women would like to have more curves. Understandable, because it makes women look particularly feminine and attractive. But since not every woman is curvy by nature, I will show you in this post how you can get a beautifully shaped body and curves.

Why Do Women Want to be Curvy?

Most women dream of having a sporty, curvy body. Why this is so is clear.

Women with beautiful curves are attractive and sought after. A feminine body stands for health and fertility.

That being said, it is difficult for women who have very few curves to find well-fitting clothes. It can be annoying not to find a matching bra or to find a dress that fits nicely.

For these reasons, the idea of ​​being more curvy is a dear wish for many slim women.

Unfortunately, not every woman is given this physical quality by nature. Nevertheless, there are some ways to get more curves as a thin woman. In a completely natural way.

So let’s look directly at the causes of your missing curves.

Not Enough Curves? – These Are The Reasons

If you as a woman are rather “flat”, there are very different causes. So let’s take a closer look at these causes:

  • Genetics: a painful subject, but we cannot neglect it. Your genetics contribute a lot to how curvy you are. Some girls are a bit thinner, the others a bit fuller. And others are lucky to be slim and curvy at the same time. Genetics are critical to your proportions.
  • Sports / Exercise: Do you sit around all day? Or are you also active in sports? These questions are very crucial. Because in addition to genetics, your movement behavior plays a very important role. If you are more of a couch potato, you will hardly build curves. If you are sporty and especially build muscle, your body can become significantly more curvy.
  • Diet: The third big factor is your diet. If you eat finished products and fast food, your body fat percentage increases. Unfortunately, mostly in the wrong places. You will not be able to get an athletic body. On the other hand, if you eat healthy and nutritious, and high-protein, you will get more curves combined with the right sport.

No matter which of the above-mentioned causes applies to you personally: You yourself have control over what you make of it. Because apart from genetics, you can influence all other factors.

With a well-thought-out diet and the right sport, you can become significantly more curvy. In the next sections I will show you how to do it

How you can build up feminine curves with weight training

Even though I have explained it very often, this question always comes up: “Don’t you lose weight from sport? ”

The answer is: You decide that. Two factors are decisive here:

  1. What kind of sport do you want to do?
  2. Do you have a calorie surplus or a calorie deficit?

Since most women who complain about too little cornering are rather underweight, let’s focus on this case first. If you are generally rather underweight, you need a calorie excess combined with weight training.

With an excess, you make sure that your body can build. If you do weight training at the same time, you will also gain weight in the right places (on the booty and sometimes on the breasts).

I have already written articles on how you can design your training to get a bigger bottom and how you can naturally enlarge your chest.

If instead it happens that you have too few curves but are not underweight, it looks a little different.

Here I recommend the same fitness exercises that are listed in the articles linked above. In this case, however, you should avoid excess calories.

If you weigh a little more and want to lose weight overall, you should aim for a calorie deficit. Your goal should be to lose body fat while shaping your curves through strength training.

Proper Nutrition Is Crucial

Diet is just as important as strength training to build curves. Basically, that is your food

  • Mostly should be unprocessed
  • Should be high in protein
  • Should have a high nutrient density
  • Should contain little chemical additives

If you want to gain weight overall, it is very important that you consume more calories than you burn. Of course, if you want to lose weight overall, this does not apply.

If you are building muscle to get curvy, it is important to eat enough protein. Of course, it is also important to consume high quality fats and carbohydrates.

Here I also listed high-calorie foods that are great for building.

How Clothes and Posture Shape Your Curves

With a targeted diet and disciplined workout, there is a lot you can do to shape your curves.

In addition, you can put the finishing touches to yourself by working on your posture and wearing the right clothes.

For example, if you have a flat chest, you can probably imagine that it is a disadvantage if you walk around the world with your shoulders drooping.

The posture contributes significantly to your appearance. That is why it is very important that you pay attention to it. Therefore it is crucial that you

  • always walk upright
  • don’t let your shoulders sag and
  • have a certain body tension

Of course, you shouldn’t exaggerate. Always be careful not to change your posture into an exaggerated, ridiculous one.

There are also a few things to consider when choosing your clothes. You need to make sure you wear clothes that fit well. It shouldn’t be too loose, but it shouldn’t be too tight either.

It is particularly important for your bra that it fits well. A well-fitting push-up bra can do little miracles.

How To Get Get Curves – The Conclusion

Not every woman is blessed by nature with female curves – a lot is genetically predisposed.

It’s still not as bad as it sounds. Because with enough discipline you can achieve a lot through training and nutrition.

The following points will help you enormously to get more curvy:

  1. Do muscle building
  2. Eat nutrients – and protein rich
  3. Find clothing that fits well
  4. Pay attention to your posture

So if you stay disciplined, you will see results. Guaranteed.

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