A big, well-trained butt is the dream of every woman. Although genetics play a big role, every woman can get a bigger butt. How to eat, how to exercise, and what other factors are important is explained in this article.

Building a big butt – the benefits

Many women are dissatisfied because they have too few curves. While women can not change much naturally in their breasts, the butt’s look completely different.

But why do women really want to get a “crisp booty”?

A big, trained butt is considered

  • attractive
  • sexy
  • and healthy

In addition, an curvy female butt symbolizes increased fertility. Even if many men are unaware of this, they perceive it in their subconscious. That is deeply anchored in our genes.

Genetics plays a big role

As with many other things, genetics plays a big role in the size of your butt.

People naturally have different fat distributions. Some put more fat on the belly, the other on the chest and yet others on the buttocks.

There are generally various types of body, such as the ectomorph. Unfortunately, you can not do anything. That is simply a matter of luck.

But here comes the good news: If you make an effort and you are ready to put work into your body, you can achieve a lot. And regardless of your genetics.

Because with the right nutrition and training, you can build a big, well-formed butt.

If you naturally have a rather flat bottom, it will be hard to look like Kim Kardashian. But that does not have to be the goal. Because at many celebrities, many things are more artificial than natural.

The best exercises for a big butt

To get a big butt, you can not avoid weight training. There are two ways to do your training. Either you sign up in the gym, or you train at home.

But which variant is better for you? Well, you have to decide that yourself. In the following I will list you the advantages and disadvantages.

Training in the gym


  • More training stimulation through weights
  • Better focus on training
  • Training in society
  • More variety in the exercises


  • Monthly costs
  • The way to the gym

Training at home


  • No monthly costs
  • No annoying driveways
  • time-saving


  • Many distractions
  • Only a few exercises executable

As you can see, both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide for yourself, which way you choose. Of course, it depends on how high you set your goals.

If you just want to improve your butt a bit, you can train at home. However, if you really want to get started and get everything out of you, I recommend that you train in the gym.

With the following exercises you get a better butt:

  • squats
  • Hip thrusts
  • lunges
  • Kick backs
  • Glute Bridge
  • leg Press

If you want to exercise from home, you can also train with your body weight.

Even with your body weight, you can build a big butt. For example, you could design your training like this:

How to get a big booty – this is how you should eat

If you want to gain weight in the buttocks, there are two possibilities. Either you feel too thin overall and want to gain weight all over.

Or you are satisfied with your body and your weight, but want to build only on the butt.

I would do something different in both cases. If you are too thin and want to gain some weight overall, you need a calorie surplus. You can achieve this by eating calorie-dense foods.

But if you do not want to gain weight but want a bigger butt, you do not have to increase your calories.

You just eat as much calories as you do, and concentrate on training. You may want to increase your protein intake slightly to boost your muscle build on the butt.

But as always applies here: The basis is as natural as possible, healthy diet without finished products.

How to get a big butt – The Conclusion

Many women dream of a crisp, sporty booty. Some are naturally blessed, others are unlucky.

But thank goodness you can do a lot even with a poorer genetics – if you’re ready to do something about it.

If you train regularly, eat well and show discipline – there is nothing in the way of your goal.

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