More and more you hear these days of the so-called Hardgainer. What this word means, why it is crucial for growth, and what your diet should look like as a hard gainer is explained in this article. Have fun!

What is a hardgainer?

If you are a person who is difficult to gain weight, you have probably come across the word hardgainer before. This word comes from the English-speaking world, as you can imagine.

Analogously, the word Hardgainer describes a person who is difficult to gain weight.

The so-called hard gainers have a metabolism that can only relatively poorly utilize the ingested food. This concerns especially carbohydrates.

The consequence of this is that body mass can be made worse.

Sure, if you’re a hard gainer, you’ll automatically build bad fat too. Unfortunately, this type of metabolism also makes it difficult to build muscle.

The opposite of the hardgainer is the softgainer. The softgainer, however, can easily gain weight, because everything he takes, is absorbed well by the body.

Is there really Hardgainer?

Many experts and fitness enthusiasts criticize the term hardgainer. The term itself is not scientific, but is much more used in colloquial language.

It is criticized that with the words Hardgainer and Softgainer only two metabolic types are described, although there is much more. Because between these two extremes there are of course a lot of gradations or grayscale.

Personally, I define people as hard gainers, who tend to gain weight by weight, although they eat quite a lot. Logically, however, there are different degrees of severity.

You know what a hardgainer is. Whether you are one yourself is another matter entirely. Because I’m telling you something really important now:

If you are skinny and can gain weight, that does not necessarily mean that you are one of them!

Your underweight can have other causes. These include:

  • a hyperthyroidism
  • a serious metabolic disorder
  • malnutrition

As you can see, you must first exclude all factors that could lead to your underweight. How you do that, you will learn in the next section.

    So you’ll know if you’re a hardgainer

    First of all, I advise you to have a complete check-up with your family doctor. Explain your situation and tell him you want to eliminate all possible causes of your underweight. Your doctor will then examine you accordingly.

    But here comes the good news: Most likely, it will come out that you are healthy. If you eat as much as others on average, you probably belong to the hardgainers.

    That’s less bad than you think. For most “asparagus”, the cause is always the same. You simply need more calories to gain body weight than the average person.

    What you have to do in this case, is relatively simple explained. You need to eat more. Much more. How you do it best, you’ll find out below.

    Nutrition for Hardgainers – that’s what your diet plan has to look like

    If you really belong to the people who use the food you eat worse than others, you have to pay attention to certain things.

    Your diet plan to increase must be set up fundamentally different than others.

    The important thing is that you get a calorie surplus at the end of the day. Because only then will you be able to increase body weight.

    The best way to achieve a calorie surplus is to eat calorie-dense foods. You can also get extra calories by drinking shakes to gain weight.

    You have to be careful to eat high quality carbohydrates, fats and enough protein. Of course, you must also pay attention to enough vitamins, minerals, etc.

    Do not use your metabolism as an excuse!

    At this point I would like to give you a very important tip. Many people who are in your situation just give up and then use their metabolism as an excuse. Unfortunately, I often hear such sentences:

    • I can not gain weight, my metabolism is to blame
    • My body simply can not build muscle
    • I already eat so much
    • I can not eat more than I am already eating
    • Everyone else has it easy, but not me

    Unfortunately, I have to hear such and many other excuses again and again. Honestly, that’s complete nonsense! Of course it is not easy to build up a lot of mass as a hardgainer.

    But what is easy? Fact is: it is definitely possible. And if you can, you can do it!

    All you have to do is go all in.

    The cons, if you are hardgainer

    Of course, being a hardgainer does not just bring benefits. Are we honest. The following points are really annoying:

    • You can build more muscle than others
    • You have to eat a lot to build up real mass
    • If you are not hungry, you still have to eat

    The benefits of being a hardgainer

    After I listed the disadvantages, here comes the good news. Having a “fast” metabolism also has clear benefits:

    • Your body stores only a little fat
    • The danger of ever becoming obese is very low
    • You can also “eat over hunger” without having a bad conscience

    So, as you can see, not only do you have disadvantages, but also really remarkable benefits. And remember, if a softgainer eats “normal”, he must always be careful not to get too fat. You certainly do not have that disadvantage

    Does your metabolism stay the same throughout your life?

    If you find it annoying to be a hard-gainer, here comes some very good news for you: As you grow older, your metabolism will change. For about 40 years, your body is the metabolism.

    Your metabolism is about 15 percent slower, your body uses less energy. Thus, you automatically gain more and more.

    It may even go so far as to be careful not to put too much fat on it. From this age, it is therefore even more important to do sports.

    The summary

    I hope och could explain to you well in this article what a hardgainer is and what you can do to increase it anyway. Finally, the most important facts at a glance:

    • Hardgainers have a metabolism that inefficiently absorbs food
    • The term is not recognized medically, but is colloquially used
    • To gain weight anyway, you need more calories than others
    • Eat calorie-dense food and drink shakes to build
    • The advantages and disadvantages weigh on
    • Do not use your body type as an excuse
    • To reach your dream body, you have to give everything

    Good luck and enjoy growing. All the best and see you soon!

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