Many ask me whether you can gain weight with oatmeal. Therefore, in this article we investigate the question of whether oatmeal is suitable for gaining weight. I also give you recipe ideas so you can get started straight away. Have fun.

What are the benefits of oatmeal?

Oats are one of the most important types of cereals. There is evidence that the plant dates back to 2400 BC existed in Europe.

For a very long time, oats were the main food until the potato displaced it in the 17th century.

But what benefits can oatmeal give you when it comes to weight gain?


In short, oatmeal is the perfect food when it comes to gaining weight.

In addition, oats are extremely cheap, so they are also great for pupils and students.

Can you gain weight with oatmeal?

As you can see, oatmeal has many benefits. But can you say that you can gain weight with oatmeal?

The answer is: not directly. As you know, you can’t gain weight with any food in the world. You can only gain weight if you get a calorie surplus daily.

And since oatmeal is high in calories, it helps you achieve that excess calorie. Can you say that oatmeal is good for gaining weight? Definitely!

How to use oatmeal creatively

Oatmeal is boring? That’s not true. If you are a little creative, there are different uses.

Here are a few ideas:

  • In muesli: oats are a perfect basis for mueslis. Instead of ready-made cereals, you can simply buy tender oatmeal. Then you can add flax seeds, fresh fruits and nuts, for example
  • Porridge: For a change, you can also prepare a delicious porridge with oats. Here you can e.g. prepare a chocolate or a fruity porridge.
  • In shakes: There are a lot of shake recipes on this website. Oatmeal is often the basis. Such a shake is perfect for your breakfast if you want to gain weight.

There are many other ways to prepare oatmeal. For example, in pastries or homemade bars.

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