Gaining weight with carbohydrates

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Gain weight carbohydrates

On every corner you can hear that you can gain weight with carbohydrates. What sounds like a nightmare to overweight people is a dream to thin people. But is it really true that carbohydrates increase body weight? If so, which carbohydrates are best? These questions are answered today.

Do Carbohydrates Help You Gain Weight?

Yes. And no. It depends on the perspective from which we look at it. What I always preach and have already described in numerous articles, I will now say again:

In order to gain weight, you need an excess of calories.

How you get this excess is secondary. This means that you have different options for reaching him.

Either you increase your daily fat intake, or you increase your carbohydrate intake to reach the excess.

Of course, you also eat protein every day. But since protein is relatively low in calories, unlike fat and carbohydrates, you’ll need to get most of the calories from the other two macro nutrients.

Now of course it depends on which food you prefer. If you prefer fatty foods, for example, you can increase your calories with these foods:

  • nuts
  • seed
  • oils
  • avocados
  • Fatty fish
  • peanut butter

However, if you prefer carbohydrates, the following foods are more likely:

  • rice
  • noodles
  • couscous
  • oatmeal
  • whole-grain bread rolls
  • dried fruit
  • quinoa

You Should Avoid These Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate-rich foods are mostly calorie-tight and are therefore also good for building weight.

However, carbohydrates are not the same as carbohydrates.

While the above foods are great for gaining weight, there are also carbs that you should really avoid.

In “foods” like

  • Sweets
  • ice
  • soft drinks
  • Pies & cakes
  • donuts
  • muffins

are of course also a lot of carbohydrates. However, in pure sugar form. If you consume such sugary sweets in the long run, it can have some negative effects on your health and your body shape.

Of course, this does not mean that you can no longer eat cake on Aunt Emma’s birthday.

Rather, you should limit the consumption of such products and make them an exception.

Gaining Weight with Carbohydrates – The Conclusion

Yes, carbohydrates can support your weight gain process. But only if you achieve an overall calorie surplus. Because if that’s not the case, even the best carbohydrates won’t help you.

If you don’t like carbohydrate foods, you can also increase your calories with healthy fats.

I personally get my calories mainly from carbohydrates, but I also incorporate healthy fat sources several times a day.

The most important thing is that you always keep a healthy balance and avoid industrial simple sugar as much as possible.

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