If women feel too thin and want to gain weight, it’s basically the same as with men. However, there are still aspects that women should take a slightly different approach to. What are these points, you will learn in this post about gaining weight for woman.

Gaining Weight for women – the basics

At this point I could write that the weight gain in women is very different. But I can not, because: Whether you want to increase or decrease, the same basic rules apply to both sexes.

So if you are a woman who feels too thin and would like to have more turns, you definitely need a calorie surplus. How you achieve that, you will find out here.

Only if you consume more energy than you consume can you gain weight. The calorie surplus is therefore always the basis of the increase.

Continuity – the most important building block

If you want to increase as a woman to get more curves, continuity is extremely important. I know many people who are very motivated and give full throttle at the beginning. But after a few weeks, most people start to skid.

And that’s exactly the point that matters when you want to gain weight. You have to reach your calories every single day so you can progress in the long term.

If you take sometimes less calories, you will not be able to achieve much in the long run. So discipline is definitely needed here.

How women should eat to gain weight

With the nutrition there is no nominal difference to men. Even as a woman you had to cover the following points:

  • The calorie surplus must be achieved
  • High-quality carbohydrates, fats and proteins must be covered
  • Micronutrients must also not be neglected

What’s also important for women is the mineral iron. Women need a lot of iron during the period because they have to balance their blood loss.

Women should consume about 15mg of iron per day, while 30g per day is recommended during pregnancy, according to DGE.

You can find out which foods are particularly suitable for growing here. In addition, it is recommended to make you a grocery list to grow.

Strength training for women – the secret weapon

If you think that as a woman you become violently muscular and broad, if you do strength training, you are wrong. Women are much more curvy, sporty and sexy. The fear that keeps many women from strength training, so is completely unjustified.

If you want to gain weight to build more female curves, strength training is perfect for you.

For most women, a full body plan is appropriate that focuses on the abdomen, legs and buttocks. Learn more about weight training here.

The best place for this is a gym, where you can train under the supervision of experienced fitness trainers. Alternatively, you can also train at home with your own body weight.

Squats and pushups are here e.g. very good exercises to emphasize your feminine curves.

Gaining Weight for Woman – The Conclusion

As you can see, almost the same rules apply to women as to weight gain. However, you have to do a few things differently in terms of nutrition and strength training.

With discipline and continuity, as a woman, you can become wonderful and curvy. So what are you waiting for?

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