Gaining weight expert Dennis Fajt Reveals: How to gain 22 pounds in 12 weeks without having to eat much.

No magic. No secret increase pill. The increase power course will give you the perfect guide when you want to gain weight. If you turn this knowledge, you will see results in the mirror very soon.

In this E-Book you will...

  • Gain weight immediatly

    The course gives you the complete knowledge that you need to achieve quick success. Gaining weight has never been so easy.

  • Learn to avoid common mistakes

    I’ll show you which mistakes you have to avoid if you want to gain weight and which foods you should eat.

  • Learn secret insider tricks

    You get some unknown shortcuts and strategies that will speed up your weight gaining.

Lets be honest...

I know exactly how it feels to be too skinny. I know exactly how it is when you:

  • are constantly adressed because of your underweight
  • hearing constantly silly sayings and getting crooked looks
  • looking frustrated in the mirror

... you know all this. Because that's why you're here! You wish with all your heart to finally gain weight. You long for it, to

  • finally reach your dream body
  • find clothes that fits properly
  • to be able to walk out in tight clothes in the summer without being ashamed

... and I can understand all that too well. Because I had to fight for many years with the same problem. When it became too much for me one day, I made a plan.

I wanted to find out exactly how I REALLY could to gain weight at last. For this I researched for a long time, read books, attended seminars ... and experimented a lot.

When I found the perfect formula, I was overjoyed. I gained 20 pounds of body weight within 3 months. Logically, everyone noticed that around me. Suddenly every underweight person around me wanted to know how I have done it.

Having helped some people massively gaining weight, I decided to pool my expertise into a course to reach more people with that knowledge. This created a course that is unique on the worldwide market.

With this course, I will give you an exact guide on to how you can put mass on effectively and quickly.

14 day money back guarantee

You doubt if the course really helps you? No problem. Although I know 100% that you will increase with the course, you get a 14-day money back guarantee. If you do not like the course, you will get your money back immediately. No ifs and buts.


The course is great! I especially like the recipes and I have already tried a few. Also, the respective explanations to the nutrients are very good. It is perfect for people who really want to gain weight.


I can say that the course is great. But you shouldnt be lazy 😉 My weight was about 132 pounds at the beginning. I’ve been through the course for 5 weeks now, changing my eating habits and achieving my daily calories. Currently I’m at 147 pounds and very happy about it. But will still carry on to gain even more.


I can really recommend the program of gain weight fast. The course is very detailed and yet easy to understand. I have already tried other courses and can tell you that the course will definitely help you to grow. Have gained about 17 pounds until now.


That happens when you dont act now...

  • Without the crucial knowledge, you will never effectively increase
  • You will waste many years with nonsensical methods
  • You will continue to get crooked looks and stupid comments
  • Your self-esteem stays in the basement
  • You will continue to feel extremely uncomfortable in summer

This happens when you buy the course now...

  • You will increase with my formula immediately effective
  • You lose no time, but you will reach your goal in a short time
  • You will get the body you so desperately desire
  • In the summer you will proudly present your body
  • Your self-confidence shoots up
  • Your immune system will be massively strengthened

How is the E-Book structured?

  • 15 chapters

    This E-Book is logically structured, so the chapters are build on each other.

  • Its written very simple

    This E-Book is written very understandable, that even a child understands it

  • The E-Book is fully responsive

    This E-Book ist designed fully responsive, so you can read it on your notebook, smartphone or tablet every time & everywhere.

Early-Bird BONUS

If you buy now, you will get a great bonus. In this bonus chapter, you will learn how to build an extremely strong mindset to achieve your personal weight gain goal. So you will be able to persevere until you reach your dream weight!

What do you have to invest?

For only 29$ you get the concentrated knowledge about effective weight gain. You get the e-book "GAIN WEIGHT".

In addition, you get a 14-day money back guarantee.If you order now, I'll give you the chapter "building strong mindset" for free on top.