Calorie surplus – the basic to gain weight

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calorie surplus

Calorie surplus – You’ve probably encountered this word many times when you want to gain weight. That’s not surprising, because achieving a calorie surplus is the basis of the increase. Why this is so important – and how to get it done – is explained in this post. Have fun

What do you need a calorie surplus for?

You are a person who really wants to gain weight. Otherwise, you probably would not have landed on this page.

Increasing body weight is not always easy for people who are underweight, although many people can not understand it.

But to gain weight successfully, you need one thing above all: a calorie surplus. In theory, that is relatively easy to explain.

You must consume more energy in the form of food than you burn. Because no matter how much you desire to finally increase: Your body has other priorities.

Whether you want to build muscle or just gain fat, this evolutionary development is not the first priority. It is more important for your body to supply your brain and organs so that the whole system will be maintained.

You will only gain noticeably in body weight if you supply your body significantly more energy than it burns. Because then all priorities are already covered and your body can release energy for the construction.

Your calorie requirement – how many calories do you need?

You already know why it’s so important to have a calorie surplus. Thus, we come directly to the second question: How much calories do you need?

To find out what your calorie surplus should be, you need to understand which group you belong to. Is it more important to you

  • to increase as fast as possible, but also a lot of fat.

Or do you want

  • increase slower, but also use less fat?

If you choose variant one, I advise you to exceed your daily calorie requirement by about 400-500 calories.

If you want to slow things down to build less fat, you should exceed your calorie needs by about 200-300 calories.

But beware: If you want to build not only fat but also muscle, of course you have to do sports. Ideally, you are doing weight training.

Because one thing must be clear to you: If you reach a daily calorie surplus, but only on the sofa, you will only build up fat. A calorie surplus you achieve best with these foods.

How do you determine your calorie requirement?

Of course, if you want to make a calorie surplus, you first need to know how many calories you consume daily. Of course, your daily calorie needs depend on a few factors.

The following values ​​are crucial for the calculation of your calorie requirement:

  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • Your height
  • Your current weight
  • Your daily work (office or physically exhausting?)
  • Your sports activities

All of these factors are critical to your daily energy needs. Now you have to enter this data into a calorie calculator. After the evaluation you already have your result.

Do you need a daily excess of calories?

Of course, if you want to get the most out of your calorie surplus every day, it’s great. But we are realistic. You probably will not make it every day

Because life is not always easy. Sometimes something comes in between or circumstances arise that make your project more difficult. There are, for example

  • vacations
  • personal problems
  • work stress

…and so on. But here’s the good news: If you can not manage to keep your calories from time to time, it’s half as bad. The important thing is that you try to do your best.

Because you will only really increase if you reach a calorie surplus on most days.

Calorie surplus – the conclusion

I hope I could help you better understand the calorie surplus. To conclude, I once again briefly and crisply summarize what matters:

  1. The calorie surplus is needed to increase
  2. How much calories you need to deliver depends on your goals
  3. You can determine your calorie requirement with an online calculator
  4. Continuity and discipline are important to persevere

Good luck and enjoy growing, your coach Dennis

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