Selfmade pizza – Recipe #5

Pizza is not the healthiest dish, but very high in calories. And homemade she is still best and – if you do it right – not so unhealthy. That’s why there is now a delicious pizza recipe. With a dough that does not even have to go. In short: super fast and delicious!


Curd with rasberries – Recipe #4

Every hard gainer knows it: You get up in the morning, have little time, but actually you should have a nice breakfast. Because if you do not get enough calories in the morning, it will be hard to get them back. That’s why there is now a great breakfast recipe that’s quick to prepare and has lots of calories.


Rice with eggs and avocado – Recipe #3

This recipe is an absolute nutrient bomb and perfect for growing. A lot of carbohydrates, lots of protein and healthy fats as well as important micronutrients are included. The preparation is very simple and takes little time. Ingredients for one person Rice, quantity as needed A ripe avocado 2-3 full eggs olive oil salt and pepper Preparation Put rice according to the package instructions Whisk eggs and season with a pinch of salt and pepper Read more…