To become broader the desire of many men. This was not surprising, because a broad, well-shaped body makes a dominant impression. But what is it that gets wider and how can you put it into practice? All this you will learn in this new article. Have fun!

Wider Shoulders – The Key to Become Broader

One of the most important things for achieving a broad appearance is your shoulders.

I have good news and less good news for you. Let’s start with the less good news.

Whether you are wide or not depends above all on your genetics. The deciding factor here is the length of your collarbone.

The broader your collarbone is, the broader you will look. And if you have a long or short collarbone, unfortunately you do not decide yourself.

In plain language: Whether you are basically narrower or wider, is simply a matter of luck. But here comes the good news: despite this factor, you can do some things to get wider.

As you already guessed, building muscle is the answer. Although you will not be able to compensate for a short collarbone completely by building muscle. Nevertheless, you can achieve a lot and be much wider.

To get broader shoulders, the following exercise will help you the most: Lateral lift. Of course, you should train your entire shoulder, but side elevation is the most important.

By lateral lifting you train your lateral shoulder muscles. If you regularly incorporate this exercise into your training, you will build muscle mass on your shoulders, making it look wider, bit by bit.

V-back: This is How You Build a Broad Back

As important as your shoulders is the back, if you want to get wider. Who does not know him: the notorious V-back.

Of course, as with the shoulders, genetics also plays a role here. But you can also shape your back very well.

With the following exercises you can build a brute back:

  1. pull ups
  2. Lat Pull to the chest
  3. Dumbbell Row
  4. deadlift

Of course, it is always important that you perform the exercises cleanly and in a focused manner. Bad exercise can lead to health problems. And that’s the last thing you want, after all

Of course, if you do not go to the gym, you can only work with pull-ups. You can find pull-ups almost everywhere.

If not, you can also buy a cheap chin-up bar somewhere.

More Mass Through a Calorie Surplus

If you are on the whole rather too thin and want to build up a lot of muscle in the above mentioned places, I recommend you a calorie surplus.

If you want to gain weight, the calorie surplus is inevitable. Only by consuming more calories than you consume will you be able to build mass.

I’ve written an extra article to show you how to reach your excess and what you should keep in mind. You can find this article here.

Become Broader – The Summary

Unfortunately, it is largely a matter of luck if you are wide. However, through training and nutrition, you can still do a bit to become broader. To do that, you can do the following:

  • Train your lateral shoulders
  • Train your back
  • Take in more calories to build mass

Of course, you should not only train your shoulders and back. It is best if you train your entire body in a balanced manner.

However, since this article is about a broader appearance, the back and shoulders are of course the focus.

So always try to train disciplined and to eat balanced and fitness-oriented. In the long run, you will become much broader and more muscular.

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