About me

Hey! My name is Dennis. I am 26 years old. Today I can proudly say that I am completely satisfied with my body. But unfortunately this was not always the case…

Since childhood, I have been underweight. I felt very uncomfortable in my body. There were a few things that made my everyday life more difficult: In the summer, I was ashamed to go out in a T-shirt because I had thin arms. Going to the pool was a lot more unpleasant for me.

Of course, every day I got silly sayings: “Have a sandwich”, “You’re a real leek”, and much more.

Then there were the people who told me, “I should be glad to be able to eat everything without gaining weight”. Sure, such sayings are well meant. But unfortunately they do the opposite. Because most people do not know the problem of being too thin.

In short: I was fed up. Up to the top.

After a few failed attempts at gain, I decided at age 18 to draw a line. I was determined to do everything to finally increase.

I read textbooks, attended seminars and tried many methods. In fact, at some point I managed to figure out the perfect “cumulative formula”.

I’m not a 120kg bodybuilder these days, nor can I do magic. But I managed to gain 15 kg. And if I wanted, I could put a lot more on it. Meanwhile, I also write articles about underweight for other health magazines.

Knowing that there are a lot of people like you out there who are also underweight, I’ve started this site. My goal now is to help as many people as possible to finally increase. Fast & healthy.

PS: For this I have created free as well as paid content for you, which I constantly update. If you want to benefit immediately from my knowledge to increase quickly, you can now download my free guide: