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Welcome on my page!

Nice that you’re here! I know exactly why you ended up on my site. You just feel too thin and you finally want to gain weight because you:

  • feel uncomfortable in your body
  • are getting despise looks from others
  • are ashamed to show your body in summer

    There’s something in it, right? And I can understand that very well. Because I was also in your situation. Nowadays I am overjoyed, because I was able to build up 15 kilos of weight and escaped the underweight. That was not always the case.

    Since childhood, I have always been pretty thin. But when I started school, that was a problem. I was annoyed and constantly had to listen to stupid sayings: “Have a sandwich”, “Take care that the wind does not catch you”

    I played the “cool” and did not show it. In reality, it hurt me so much. I just wanted to gain a few pounds.

How i could gain weight succesfully

At 18, I decided to put an end to this. I researched like a obsessed and experimented with my eating habits. What came out is gigantic. I was able to develop an increase concept, with which I gained 15 kilograms of body weight. My dream has become a reality.

Sure … I’m not a magician who can just conjure up a few kilos on it. But I’ve become an expert in helping people gain weight. And that’s why I want to share my knowledge with all people who have the same problem as I used to.

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The conditions to gain weight

The phrase I hear most often from underweight people is this: "But I'm eating a lot, there's nothing more". Although I used to think that, it's usually just wrong. To really gain weight, you need a calorie surplus. And so that you can achieve that, you must eat calorie-dense foods.

Because if you often eat a soup and eat mainly vegetables, you will unfortunately not increase. Even if vegetables are super healthy, you should reduce it slightly in your gaining phase.

Of course there are still many questions left:

  • Which foods are high in calories?
  • How many calories do I have to eat?
  • Which dishes should I cook?
  • Which foods do I leave better?
  • Should I do sports?

These questions and many more will be answered on my page. I am constantly writing new articles for you. In addition, you can also buy my admission course here.

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The biggest mistakes at gaining weight

If you weigh too little, it always has a cause. To rule out diseases and malfunctions of your body, you should first let yourself be examined.

But most of the time, it's just because you're eating too little calories. And that's simply because people with underweight can not eat much.

If you want to eat more calories, you should avoid the following mistakes:

  • Morning omit the first meal
  • Eat irregularly
  • Eat low-calorie foods
  • Do not do a sport
  • Do not plan your purchase

Of course, there are other mistakes that you should avoid if you want to gain weight. But if you avoid the listed mistakes, you are well on the way.

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